Yay! My first question!

I will have to think of an appropriate reward for the writer of the first of hopefully many questions!

“Oh Great Theatre Pimp (which is my official formal title), when are you going to see and review Spider-man? I am a great fan of Julie Taymor, but it seems that this production is cursed…”

The short answer is, I’ll see it when it officially opens. Which, if the latest reported rumors are true, may be moved again to as late as June. Unlike less gracious reviewers I feel it’s unfair to see the work in progress when it’s quite obviously incomplete. I can’t help but get a sense of schadenfreude from the reviews I’ve read (“we knew it was a bad idea!”).

I’ve been following this show since I first heard the concept more than two years ago and, while most of the initial reaction was negative, I found the mix of  Julie Tyamor, Bono and the Edge intriguing enough to give it a chance. I’m always in favor of the “now for something completely different” concept. It’s better than rehashing the same-old same-old.

I really wanted this show to be successful and I’m willing to give them some more time to try and fix things. I know they’re in the process of trying to “fix” the show. While they seemed to have worked out the mechanics of the show (mostly) they’re now trying to work out the content of the show. They’re re-writing script, songs and are bringing in consultants all in an effort to fine tune the show. It’s the worlds longest and most expensive workshop process ever.

Interestingly, despite bad critical and audience reviews (2.5 out of 5 on NY Times) people are still streaming in to see the show. It’s the train wreck people are paying to see. I think there’s enough muscle behind the show that as long as they’re covering their operating cost I think they’re going to keep trying to make the show better. Graphically and production wise everything I’ve seen intrigues me enough to keep me fro writing the show off … yet.

I guarantee one thing, they’ve broken ground in this show that we are very likely to see in future shows.

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