If/Then – New Musical


UPDATE: You can also get tickets from Goldstar.com; the prices aren’t much better but the handling charges are less.


So this is exciting! The pre-Broadway world premier of a new musical by the same team that created “Next to Normal”  (the show that is firmly ensconced in the number 2 position of my all time favorite musicals) is going to be here to D.C! It’s also staring Idina Menzel which really pushes the show toward the must see category. And the most exciting part? It’s NOT based on a movie, or even a book or a play or a still life with fruit. It’s a new show created for the stage! Who knew people still did that?!? (yes, that was sarcasm)

Anyway, it’s pre-viewing here in D.C. at the National Theatre (Nov. 5th to Dec. 8th) and ticket are now on sale for those with the pre-sale code which is N2N; click  here for the link. Be forewarned for they have a ridiculous $17 dollar per ticket “fee” so if you’re near downtown save yourself some money and get tickets at the box office. The show is headed for a March 2014 opening on Broadway.


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