Staying at the Party Too Long

Posted by on December 2, 2013

So I had heard about this a while back, a new revival of Les Miz; and while I love this show dearly, how can you revive something that never died? This willmake the shows third turn on Broadway and it's second "re-imagining". There's a reason that "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is a well respected cliche and I personally wouldn't mind missing this show for a while. My early fond memories of the show are now eclipsed by the newer productions I've seen that lack the impact the show once had. It isn't a simple case of "familiarity breeding contempt;" (welcome to cliche Monday) the show's last trip to Broadway the acting and singing and the general tenor of the show were massively disappointing. While Fantine was warbling out her death knell all I could think was "Die already!" It was not a good production.

I'm all for revivals, my excitement of Cabaret coming back is immeasurable, but for a revival to have any impact you need the opportunity to miss it. Having been around non-stop for 25+ years, traveled the world, been translated into multiple languages and been made into a movie with major stunt casting, Javert, Valjean and their assorted motley crew have earned a much deserved break and so have we the dedicated audience. I actually think that with the movie they jumped the proverbial shark and another revival so soon is really pushing things into "Joannie Loves Chachi" territory. There is such a thing a too much of a good thing. This concludes cliched Monday, thanks for playing.

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  1. Theater Pimp

    Ahh! I evidently did not lower my expectations sufficiently. I haven't seen a production that flat and lifeless in a long, long time. Nobody on that cast had chemistry with anybody else and no one less than Vampire Bill and our Maria. Miss Underwood can sing but did no one, not the director, the producers the best boy, did no one notice the poor woman can't act. Or possibly, having cast her nearly a year ago, perhaps send her to acting school? Aside from the marvelous Ms. McDonald, there next to nothing I liked about this show, not the acting, the sets, the costumes and certainly not that anooying buzzing you heard whenever there wasn't any music. Perhaps that's why all the actors were singing like they were trying to his the back row or Radio City Music Hall unmic-ed. If you want to see how to stage and film a musical I highly recommend Trevor Nunn's movie of "Oklahoma!" OK?

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