Sound of Music – Live!

The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013Don’t forget to tune into this to night on NBC! I plan to watch while enjoying a nice Cabernet, because I like wine with my cheese. I will admit that ever since I heard they had cast Carrie Underwood as Maria I have been dubious about the production and then casting Stephen Moyer as Capt. VonTrapp didn’t exactly reassure me. Of course with the addition of skarsfgardVampire Bill (Mr. Moyer’s role on True Blood for the HBO-less) I’m half  hoping for some gratuitous sex or violence. At there very least there needs to be a cameo of Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) as a Nazi, that would be priceless!

Granted, I could be wrong; there is some hope in the supporting cast. Christian Borel as Max, Laura Benanti as the Baroness and Audra McDonald as the Mother Abbess are all excellent choices and they bring a certain Broadway cachet with the them. From The Sound of Music Live! - Season 2013what I’ve seen of previews and rehearsals they are doing a straight-up traditional version of the show, they are after all trying to create a new “American Family Classic” I’m not sure what kind of twist one could put on the Sound of Music but I’d like to see someone try.

The snippets of singing I’ve heard from Carrie Underwood are perfectly lovely, perhaps a little too perfectly lovely?? You know what I mean. But we’re going live folks!!!! so anything can happen!!!!

Don’t get me wrong I genuinely hope that they succeed but I’ve learned with non-stage productions of musicals it’s best to go in with lower expectations! Tune in and see what happens!

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