Peter and the Star Catcher – Kennedy Center

peter and-7I am one of those people who really enjoys seeing shows more than once. My favorite thing about live theater is that each night is a unique experience (good or bad) and the show you see the second time around isn’t the same show you saw the first time. Aside from actors performances varying night to night, the second time you see a show you pick up on nuances you might have missed the first time. I saw Peter and the Star Catcher with (most of) the original cast on Broadway and I never really expect a show to as good as the original Broadway performance, a show can rarely amazes you twice, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t entirely enjoyable.

peter and-9I was a little on the fence on going to see the touring production of the show, but fond memories and discount tickets made up my mind. Before going to the show I went back and read my original post and it reminded me how much I really had enjoyed the show. This production started out a little rough, may be not rough so much as rushed. This could have been partly due to this being the opening performance in this venue and maybe in larger part due to my annoyance at the next to last row balcony seats my discount tickets got me. The show does have a quick pace with some rapid fire dialog exchanges that require active listening. But by the end of the first act the actors had seemed to have settled into their parts and by the second act they were really in the groove and at the end they made me cry. They weren’t sad tears not really, more bittersweet.

The play is the prequel to, or rather, the origin story of the nameless Boy who would become Peter Pan. Instead of telling you again the gist of the story (You can read my original post here) I’ll tell you about the part I had forgotten or I remembered differently. Beware there are some spoilers in here.

  • I do not remember Black Stache being quite as nancy as in this performance.
  • The treasure Black Stache was looking for more than gold was a True Hero, because one cannot be a Great Villain without a True Hero. It’s quite existential in a Yin/Yang way.
  • All but one of the actors is male, even though there is more than one female character.
  • The Mermaids! How could I have forgotten about the Mermaids! They open the second act and such wonderful costuming I have rarely seen. Think 9th grade musical theater.
  • I’d forgot all the 80’s references in the dialog which are probably lost on anyone under 30.
  • Keep an eye out for the top hat, you know when you see it.
  • Pan = Everything/Everybody

Big Spoiler!

  • They must leave Peter on the island because they know not what he may become, which just makes him like every other boy.

peter and-2In the end it’s still a really funny show, with great writing and some very good acting and a great show to take kids, where the adults will enjoy it just as much. Actually, I realized it will still be in town when my niece is visiting and I decided she must see it! Which is another way I end up seeing shows more that once, I feel the need to take people to see or at the very least inform them of shows I think they would enjoy. I’d be a poor Theater Pimp otherwise.

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