52 Weeks…52 Shows

2014-calendar-2I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions but this year I hit on one that I really think I can keep and one that I’m willing to invest time and energy to achieve. I was organizing/cataloging my playbills (yes, I’m a geek) and I realized that last year I had seen 39 shows and the year before 45 shows and being that close to 1 show week is just too tempting. That’s my goal for this year, 52 shows, that’s just 13 more shows than last year.

There are rules:

  1. I can count each show only once. This is important since I will go see shows more than once. If I really like a show and I think someone should go see it I will take them to see the show. While I have no compunction about going to a show by myself most people seem to need a companion.
  2. If it’s two different productions of the same show they count as separate shows. For example I saw the Ford’s Theater’s production of the musical Violet in January and I’m seeing and unrelated separate production on Broadway in May. Both will count.
  3. All live productions count regardless of the quality of the production; regional, Broadway, Off-Broadway, Community Theater, ballets, concerts, symphonies, musical reviews etc. all count. If it takes time and effort to go to it applies.
  4. Theater screenings of staged shows as presented by NT Live and other distributors count. They typically cost at least $20 to see, about the same cost as a community theater show, they are in a theater (or cinema) and typically have very limited engagements; usually only a handful of screenings are shown. So there is cost and effort comparable to going to live theater.
  5. DVDs of stage productions do not count; if I can watch it in my sweat pants (and those who know me know I don’t even go to community theater productions in sweat pants) it just don’t count.
  6. I am going to blog something about each show, even if it’s just a blurb about liking/loving/hating the show. This is my biggest challenge, finding the time to write something.
  7. I am going to see a total of 52 shows but I don’t have to see 1 show each week. Frequently I see two (or more) shows in a week or weekend.

I reviewed the calendar of show I already have scheduled and I’m pretty well on track. Starting the 10th week of the year I’ve seen nine shows and I have a total of 25 shows scheduled by the end of June that’s pretty close to the 50% mark. Now even I don’t (often) schedule more than 6 months in advance but there are at least half a dozen more shows that I know I’ll go see and the local theaters are just releasing their 2014-15 seasons offering and tickets don’t go on sale for a while.

The list of shows that I’ve seen or have scheduled to see are below. You’ll see my Broadway Show –stravaganza in May, more on that later but that’s 8 (possibly 9) shows in 6 days. If anyone has suggestions for shows to add to the mix let me know. I’m always trawling for something new to see.


  Twelfth Night   Synetic Theater   Jan. 17


  Peter and the Star Catcher   The Kennedy Center   Jan. 28


  Violet   Ford’s Theatre   Jan. 31


  Mother Courage and Her Children   Arena Stage   Feb. 4


  The Importance of Being Earnest   Shakespeare Theatre   Feb. 9


  Romeo & Juliet   Broadway Screening   Feb. 14


  Coriolanus   NT Live Screening   Feb. 18


  We Are Proud to Present….   Woolly Mammoth   Mar. 3


  Hamlet…the Rest is Silence   Synetic Theater   Mar. 14


  Hexagon*   Montgomery College Cultural     Arts Center   Mar. 15


  Camp David   Arena Stage   Mar. 21


  Arguendo   Woolly Mammoth   Apr. 5


  Henry IV – Part I   Shakespeare Theatre   Apr. 13


  Three Penny Opera   Signature Theatre   Apr. 27


  Henry IV – Part II   Shakespeare Theatre   May 11
  Broadway Show-stravaganza!


  Cinderella   Broadway Theatre   May 20


  Bullets Over Broadway   St. James Theatre   May 21


  The Velocity of Autumn   Booth Theatre   May 21


  Allegiance   TBD   May 22


  Hedwig and the Angry Inch   Belasco Theatre   May 23


  Les Miserables   Imperial Theatre   May 24


  Cabaret   Studio 54   May 24


  Violet   American Airlines Theater   May 25


  Totalitarians   Woolly Mammoth   June 7


  Private Lives   Shakespeare Theatre   June 22


One thought on “52 Weeks…52 Shows

  • March 10, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    I forgot to add rule #8. One of the shows I see this year will be a live Opera, I’ve never seen one live and I think that’s most remiss of me!


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