Musical to Movie Trend Continues

So I see this article in today bout Broadway musicals being translated to film and well…I’m simultaneously excited and dismayed. Some I knew about, some are news to me but here are some highlights and more importantly my opinion on them.

Opening this year:

Jersey Boys – Won’t go see, I’m still holding a grudge. Don’t ask.

quvenzaAnnie – Might go see it just be cause they’ve cast Quvenzhane Wallis (freaking adorable) but I’m so over Annie. Maybe I’ll take the nieces/nephews to see it.

Into the Woods – I’m enjoying the tradition of having a musical movie at Christmas time + Christine Baranski this I will definitely go see.

Of things in development:

My Fair Lady – with Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan AND screen play by Emma Thompson. This I would see but the last update was 2011 so I’m not holding my breath.

Guys and Dolls – Not really a favorite musical then you go and cast Channing Tatum? Really? I’m not sure the co-casting of Joseph-Gordon Levitt is enough to overcome that for me.

Gypsy – Directed and staring Barbara Streisand – I’m pretty sure I would be obligated to see this. We don’t like to be on Mrs. Brolin’s bad side, and really that’s kind of perfect casting.

Jekyll & Hyde – A pretty bad musical but if they cast David Hasselhoff again, I’d pay money to see that! I love a comedy.

hughjackmanOkay, here’s a big teaser again, they better no be jerking me around on this one. A new movie version of South Pacific starring Hugh Jackman. That is really, really good casting, I always had issues with darling Mr. Jackman as Valjean but I think he would make an awesome Emil De Becque, it’s a much better vocal range for him. Of course…of course then they have to go and propose Justin Timberlake as Lt. Cable, really? How about the oh so talented and adorable Aaron Tevit, tell me he wouldn’t be a great Cable?!?

Other notable possibilities include In the Heights, Wicked and Spring Awakening, three great shows I pray they don’t screw up! Click on the link for the full article.

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