Cabaret Sneak Peek!

Cabaret_Rehearsal06_605x329Tonight on the Tonight Show Alan Cumming and the cast of Cabaret are going to be performing the opening number from Cabaret! If you want a sneak peek tune in! I myself am a bit torn, I am staying away reviews and opinions on the show which is in previews now and will be opening shortly; it’s a personal preference, i really don’t want other peoples opinions impacting my enjoyment of the show in the moment. If I had any concerns that Mr. Cumming was going to be anything less than awesome the recent rehearsal photos allayed most of them.  Even with his natural gray and in a t-shirt he easily embodies the MC. I am now a scant 6 weeks away from Broadway Show-stravaganza 2014 and I’m very excited! More on that the other shows besides Cabaret I’m seeing.


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