The River – Broadway Fall 2014

HughJackmanNot that I ever need a reason to go to NYC to see a show but there are a few sure fire ways triggering the ticket hunt and trip planning. One of those triggers is Hugh Jackman returning to Broadway! He’s starring in a new play called The River, click here for the article in Playbill, by Jez Butterworth. No idea what it’s about, sometime it just doesn’t matter, there are those performer I go see just because I’m compelled to, Alan Cumming, is another one. If he’s on stage with-in driving distance I’m there! Previews start Oct. 31 and it’s a limited 13 week engagement, I’m going to be all over those tickets the second they go on sale.

This will actually time out perfectly with another play that’s opening in October, Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, I’ve seen it performed once and wouldn’t mind seeing again performed by the caliber of actors that they’ve cast including Cynthia Nixon, Maggie Gyllenhaal and the oh so adorable Ewan McGregor making his Broadway debut.

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