I should probably explain the name. It all started with the realization while I kept hearing friends say “I would have liked to see that show” but no one ever actually made much of an effort to arrange anything. Since I adore the theater I started letting my friends know when an interesting show/shows were going to be in town and coordinating who wanted to see it and getting the tickets. Essentially pimping out the shows I thought were worth the effort or a good match for someone. One day I signed-off an email as ‘Theater Pimp’ and a sobriquet was born. I supposed Theater Matchmaker would have been more seemly but it sounded a little Yenta and I don’t look good in a babushka.

I think I have always loved the theater. I love it in all available shapes, concepts and formats. I really have my mother to thank for this by introducing me to all those wonderful 50’s and 60’s movie musicals. Yes, I know they were movies but they’re the closest I could come to Broadway at that age. These movies were the foundation by which I would measure all future theatrical experiences.

In the earlier part of my life I availed myself to what theater was available locally in the mid west but about ten years ago I moved to the metro DC area and discovered not only a pleasing proximity to New York City and Broadway but a thriving and rich regional theater community. Like Imelda Marcos at a DSW, I have been indulging my love of the theater ever since.

In the ensuing years I’ve taken it upon my self to encourage, entice and cajole my friends, family and acquaintances to join me in my theater going endeavors. In the past 10 years between DC, Broadway and touring productions I’ve averaged about 20 shows per year. This is less than I would prefer but probably more than I can afford.

Among my friends and acquaintances I’ve become the go to person for questions and queries about all things theater related. I take a certain amount of enjoyment in finding shows that I think people will enjoy. I am the most likely person to go to what ever theatrical event some one is interested in attending.

Writing this blog seems like a natural way to continue to share my thoughts and experiences with live theater and a way to encourage people to go to the theater.

Theater Pimp

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