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Tony Awards 2017 Predictions

Yes…it’s been a full year since I posted. I haven’t stopped going to shows, quite the opposite, but I’ve been lacking time in which to write properly. We’ll consider this a mini-relaunch and I intend to write more. Even if it’s just a quick and dirty review or opinion piece I hope to post something … Continue reading »

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Tony Awards 2016 Predictions

Updated to reflect the winners ⇒. This years predictions could be simplified to what categories Hamilton won’t win! I’m going to go out on a limb and say they have not a hope in any of the play categories, but only because they weren’t nominated. I will admit that in a post-Hamilton fit of ennui the … Continue reading »

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Hamilton…and why I’m mad at a Musical

My grievances against the Hamilton musical are specific and threefold. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the book, music, and lyrics for, and stars in the show and I find it very upsetting that one person should be so extraordinarily talented. It seems unfair to all the really talented people; although, Mr. Miranda didn’t direct and choreograph the show as … Continue reading »

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Salomé – Shakespeare Theatre Company

Every so often you get to see one of these types of shows, a show that tips over from entertainment to actual Art. Yes, yes, yes, I know all theater is art but this is serious, with a capital ‘A,’ Art! Everything about this show is so well conceived, constructed, so thoughtfully assembled, and has such depth … Continue reading »

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Book of Mormon-National Tour

Okay, I’ve seen this show three time now, once on Broadway with the original cast (it never gets better than that) and twice with the national tour and I just have to say, apparently this sh#t just does not get old! You would think it would, but it doesn’t. Having seen the show more than … Continue reading »

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Dear Evan Hansen…

…it turns out it’s going to be a pretty damn good show! In this era of, “take a moderately successful movie, throw in some stunt casting and turn it into a musical,” I search for those ever more rare gems that are original works for the stage. Friday night, in Dear Evan Hansen at Arena … Continue reading »

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Tony Awards Predictions

These are a my picks for the Tony Awards, some categories are really tough, there was a lot of good theater this year! Show’s I’ve seen are marked with ** shows I think will win are in bold; shows I would give the wind to are are in italics. I’m looking forward to tonight and … Continue reading »

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A Tale of Two Cities – Synetic Theater

As the frequency with which I go to the theater has expanded from casual attendance to OCD levels of attendance (that some may say required professional intervention,) I have made it a conscious decision not to just attend the traditional theatrical performances of a known quantity/quality, but to widen my scope to include what some would call … Continue reading »

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The Audience – Broadway

The latest Broadway Blitz* was a lovely, lovely weekend of theater with not a dud in the bunch! And I’m already plotting as to how I can get up there again, preferably before I the Tony Awards, I’m a little low on the play quotient this year; I’ve only seen one of the Tony nominated plays! … Continue reading »

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Dunsinane – National Theatre of Scotland

It is now officially a requirement that I go see whatever the National Theatre of Scotland sends “across the pond” and I sincerely hope the Shakespeare Theatre Company maintains their current relationship. Out of the 4 shows that I’ve seen over the last several years, Blackwatch, The Undoing of Prudencia Heart, Macbeth (Lincoln Center) and now … Continue reading »

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