Finding a Hotel

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Like most things in NYC the hotels aren’t cheap. Over the years I’ve tried several different methods of booking rooms from calling the hotels directly, using a travel agent, and the vast array of Internet options available. I’ve pretty much settled on for getting the best bang for my buck.’s name you own price application has become my goto site for finding hotels in NYC. It really does give you some of the best prices available and I’ve  had pretty good success using it. If you’ve never used Priceling before it can be  a little daunting. It is in many ways a blind auction. You select the dates you want a room for and how much you would like to pay and they will see if they can match it to an avialable hotel. The catch is that you pay up front, if they find you a hotel room for the price you quoted you’ve bought it. You have to enter your credit card number before you can search and if they find a room your credit card is automatically charged, you don’t get to see what hotel you’re getting before tou buy. That being said, Priceline provides a really good matrix of filters so you can control many aspects of your search. Priceline lets you select a range of areas you would like to stay i and the star rating of the hotel you’d like to stay in. This way you don’t end up in a really cheap room in Weehawken. After you’ve done it once or twice you’ll develope a reasonable sense of

Tips and Tricks

Best Time to Travel

My prefered time to go to NYC is anytime in Aprilor May. Things have started to warm up, although April can get quite breezy, but it hasn’t started to swelter yet. You still have a chance to get some pretty good deals on hotels and show tickets. Since the first week on May is typically the cut off for Tony Award elegibility

Cheapest Time to Travel

What I’ve learned from my trips to NYC is that it’s on a pretty regular schedule. January is one of the cheapest times to go and as the year progresses the costs rise until they max out between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. If you want to be there for New Years Eve, plan ahead and plan to spend some dough. Starting in January prices plumet; January through March is when your’re going to get your best deals on hotesl and you’re going to have th highest volume of discount tickets available.

Tips (literally)

How to Dress

Chic-est Hotel

The Hudson

Best Upgrade

Millenium Hotel – UN

Nicest Hotel I’ve Stayed at

Double Tree Suites – Time Square

Worst Hotel I’ve Stayed at

Hotel Marakkesh taught me that any hotel can look nice in the picture and to pay attention to the user reviews on line. I booked the hotel through Expedia because it was cheap and a friend and I were only staying one night. I will say the hotel was clean and the staff was friendly but the overall experiance was not good. It all started when the front desk put us in room 666. I realy thought on of the cardinal rules of hotels was that there is no floor 13 and there is no room 666. So there’s no elevator, we follow the slavic sounding bellman up three flights of stairs so narrow they could not possibly be code compliant, up to what had to be the 4th floor. So now we’re in room 666 on the 4th floor. We go to call down to the front desk because we need more towels and the phone doesn’t work. We’re in room 666 of a quirkly little hotel in a room with a phone that doesn’t work. Isn’t this how horror movies start? But, we are modern sensible people and we don’t believe in this crap right? Right? Really it was the board stiff mattress that kept me tossing and turning all night and not the thought that at any moment the slavic bellman would return in his cloack and horns and scarifice us all to whatever demonic host he worships. So, when at 6 am, the sound of Niargra Falls rushing thorugh our room woke us, which I can only assume was someone somewher int he hotel taking a shower, we were really gald just to still be in one piece.

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