Buying Tickets

One thing you’re going to have to understand and accept is that Broadway shows are expensive and the “cheap seats” aren’t that cheap. Plays will typically be cheaper than musicals because the production cost are usually lower and, to be honest, they typically aren’t as big a draw as musicals. I long ago decided that it’s worth the extra money for the better seats. Average ticket prices for plays are around $95-97 while musicals are $125-$145.

Typically the theaters are broken down into three pricing areas. The “cheap” seats are usually the last few rows of the mezzanine or balcony. Most Broadway theaters are pretty small so the cheap seats aren’t many and they will sell out quickly.

The next level ticket price is the “best available” seats and usually consist of the side and rear orchestra areas and the front mezzanine. The center orchestra seats are considered the “premium” seats and these seats depending on the popularity of the show can go for anywhere from $250 to $450 per ticket.

Check out the discount ticket page for hits on getting discount seats.

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