Marc Kudisch – Actor

Marc Kudisch

There are a host of incredibly talented actors out there that don’t get much love or attention outside the insular world of the theater, or even sometimes with-in. Their names don’t have the cache of the Nathan Lane or Patti Lupon but they’re incredibly talented performers and I’m going to spread a little love. These will be actors that I’ve seen and who’s performance impressed me enough that I’ve started looking for them in shows and trying to see more of them…performing. (I’ve not yet devolved into any stalking type activities)

In March of 2007 I, rather spontaneously, decided to head to NYC to see the NY City Opera’s production of The Pirates of Penzance. I have been in love with this musical ever since the movie version with Angela Lansbury, Kevin Kline and Rex Smith (Yes! Rex Smith, if you were born after 1970 you’re probably going to have to look that up) so I was eager to finally see a live production of this beloved show.  The production itself was great fun with a very appropos Python-esque style staging, but for me the standout performance was Mark Kudisch as the Pirate King. He had the right combination of swagger, bravado, comic timing and that great baritone that does melty things to my insides. Read more