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I’ve only really started keeping track of the shows I’ve seen for the past ten years. I’ve been going to the theater a while longer than that but my Broadway blitzes* started in earnest in 2002. I keep track of the shows by collecting the playbills (yes cliched I know but it’s a nice memento of shows I’ve enjoyed and is a good accounting system). I’m also one of those people that will go see a show multiple times if I really enjoy it. I actually really enjoy seeing different productions of the same show. You get something different every time you see the show. Shows I’ve seen three or more times include: Rent, Boy form Oz, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Sweeny Todd, Macbeth (which I’ll never tire of) and Wicked. The show I’ve seen most frequently but haven’t listed just because it’s a ballet is the Nutcracker, I’m not sure how often I’ve seen but but at least once a year since my niece started dancing in it. There are plenty of shows/productions I would have liked to revisit but I’m oft hampered by a distressingly limited theater budget. I’m sure you understand.

As I started compiling the list I’m a little surprised that the number is as low as it is. I know I’m missing shows from the 90’s and I haven’t included several community theater productions but I had really expected to hit 200 shows and I’m more than 30 shows short!?! It’s quite shocking to me really. Oh well, I’ll have to try and keep track and have a special celebration when I hit the 200 mark.

I’ve organized the lists by title and by date just because I can. The rating system is not at all scientific and you have to understand that I go into each show wanting to like it (I know, know, who doesn’t?) for me to give a frowny face it had to be a pretty bad show, a I want my money back show. Similarly four smiley faces is an exceptional show. Out of the 160+ shows on the list there are less than 20 that get 4 smiley faces.

Shows By Title

Shows By Year

* Broadway blitz: The act of going to NYC with the intent of seeing as many shows as is physically and fiscally possible in one weekend. I’ve maxed out at 5.

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